Saturday, 27 August 2011

Places of the Dreamtime

Apple Berry - Billardiara species

Apple Berry - A fruiting Vines found in woodland and forests of Victoria. Fruit requires 2 to 3 days of ripening off the stem, soft flesh tastes like dried pear.
Billardiara scandens - Sweet Apple Berry - On the Vine

Billardiara scandens - Sweet Apple Berry - In the bowl

Billardiara sp. - Purple Apple Berry (Victoria)

Billardiara sp. - Purple Apple Berry (Tasmania)

Murnong - Microseris lanceolata

Murnong - Once growing abundantly throughout Victoria, now only found in rare small pockets across the state. Close observation over many year has shared insight into the perfect requirements to grow this very valuable plant. Traditionally used by indigenous people as a staple ingredient.
Wild Murnong - Growing near Bells Beach

Cultivated Murnong - A Superb specimon - First Year

Murnong - Seed head

Murnong - Root Stock (Edible)

Murnong - Root Stock - First Year

Murnong - Crop

Murnong - Roots Improved Conditions